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If You are in the Southeastern United States and require a land survey, chances are SurvTech Solutions can take care of your land surveying needs. Click the link below to view a full list of the cities, counties, and towns as well as the full list of services that SurvTech Solutions Offers

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Surveying  Fact:
The oldest cadastral plan ever found dates back to 6200 B.C.! It is carved on three stone tablets and contains the town plan for Catalhoyuk, an ancient settlement in what is now known as modern day Turkey. Even more amazing is this ancient surveying plan predates the originally thought start of recorded history by nearly 2700 years!


Surveying  Fact:
Mt. Everest is named after a surveyor, Sir George Everest, who, in 1865, was the British surveyor-general of India.




Surveying  Fact:
From the memoirs of Hervey Parke, a midwest surveyor who worked in the 1820's and 1830's in regards to setting corner monumentation in the prairie terrain..."in prairie country the corners are made by raising mounds of earth two and one half feet high; in the top a wooden stake is driven and inscribed with marking-iron, denoting township, range, and section."



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Land Surveying, Hydrographic Surveying & Mapping


SurvTech Solutions, Inc. is a full service land surveying, hydrographic surveying and mapping firm headquartered in Tampa, Florida With a service area that extends throughout the Southeastern United States. The company is built on the core values of hard work, customer service, quality product, and professionalism. The principals, David O'Brien and Stacy Brown, and a core group of employees are exceptionally diligent and hard working. The ownership believes in making a difference in the lives of their employees, through leadership, professionalism, training, tuition reimbursement, benefits, community services and a variety of other beneficial endeavors.

 In return our employees make the difference for our clients through teamwork, communication, and a willingness to the get the job done. We believe that the goals and objectives of our clients must become our goals and objectives for every project we undertake. We believe this approach makes SurvTech Solutions a very progressive surveying and mapping company, where no project is too big or too small. We embrace change as an opportunity to broaden our experience and technical ability, utilizing the opportunity to expand into new areas of surveying and mapping.

 We are extremely dedicated to being a superior quality surveying firm and because of this fact, we actively pursue the highest grade employees and stay current with the latest surveying technology.

 SurvTech Solutions Surveying & Mapping is licensed to perform work in the following states: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama & Mississippi.

SurvTech Solutions President David O'Brien is also a Federal Certified Land Surveyor (C-FedS) and LEED AP.



Our website features a user friendly navigation system. Feel free to browse the site by using the Site Map buttons to your left. To place an order for a survey, please, use our convenient online order form. We have lots of great information available online, but if there is something else you have an inquire about, feel free to use our contact form.


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The Statements of Affirmation of   SurvTech Solutions

Steadfast Values We Will Never Falter Our Stance On

The Welfare of our Employees

The Integrity of our Company

The Caliber of our Work

The Passion for Knowledge

The Commitment to Technology

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SurvTech Solutions is OSHA/MSHA 40 Hour Hazwoper Certified, CSX Certified, Browz Safety Certified.

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SBE Small Business Enterprise Certifications
SurvTech Solutions Surveying & Mapping is a certified Small Business Enterprise with the following:

Hillsborough County

Tampa Port Authority

City of Tampa

Hillsborough County Schools

City of St. Petersburg







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