Our Mission Statement:

“To make a difference in the lives of our employees, who, in return, will make the difference for our clients!”

  • SurvTech Solutions, Inc. is  dedicated to building the pre-eminent geospatial firm in the southeast United States.
  • A company that our employees and clients are proud to be associated with.
  • A business where the lines of communication are always open and traits like team work and integrity are paramount.
  • SurvTech Solutions, Inc.’s dedication to quality means that we constantly pursue employees of the highest caliber and equip those employees with the latest in technology.


Our Approach

SurvTech Solutions takes a common sense approach to surveying, blending “old school” methods with the latest advances in technology. Our quality focus, financial stability and can-do attitude are direct results of the firm’s core values, which guide us in every client engagement. These core values are:

  • The well being of our employees.
  • The integrity of our company.
  • The caliber of our work.
  • The passion for knowledge.
  • The commitment to technology.
  • The interests of our clientele.

These values are instilled in the employees on a daily basis and are the source of our superior work product. SurvTech Solutions, Inc. is a company with a single focus: mapping the real world to your desktop. Transforming the “real” to “virtual”, whether it’s on land, underwater, above ground, below ground or any combination thereof. For the complete mapping solution, call SurvTech Solutions.

SurvTech Solutions is your geospatial solutions provider throughout the southeastern United States. We provide service for all your mapping needs.

Our Services