Aerial Targets and LiDAR Check Points

The surveyor establishes aerial targets as the basis for horizontal and vertical control for aerial mapping, which includes analogue and digital photogrammetry and aerial imagery.  With the advent of onboard GPS, aerial targeting has become somewhat less critical, but for accuracy and precision targets are still required on most projects.

LiDAR check points are essential to performing quality assurance on LiDAR data sets.  Check points are performed at different ground cover locations, including:  grass, dirt, vegetated areas, asphalt pavement and concrete pavement.  These check points allow the individual processing the LiDAR to check horizontal and vertical accuracy as well as the filtering algorithm’s that were utilized on the project.

Actions performed by SurvTech Solutions

  • Paint or put down target material at required locations
  • Establish horizontal and vertical information on aerial targets (Typically State Plane coordinates and NAVD 1988 vertical datum)
  • Static GPS with least squares adjustment.
  • RTK (real time kinematic) GPS
  • Close loop differential leveling

Equipment Used

  • Sokkia 33OR Total Station
  • Champion TKO GPS
  • Sokkia SDL 30 Digital Level
  • Carlson Surveyor+ Data Collectors
  • Carlson Survey Software

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