Condominium Conversions

Condominium or “condo” conversion is the subdivision of a large multi family site into individuals parcels for separate individual dwelling apartments.

This type of service is needed when an owner of a multi family housing complex would like to convey (sell) individual apartments to individual owners.

By way of comparison a “reverse condo conversion” is the turning of “for sale” condo units into available rental units.

Actions performed by SurvTech Solutions

  • Performing a boundary survey
  • Interior measurement of apartments
  • Measurement of recreation facilities
  • Preparation of a survey exhibit for condo documents

Equipment Used

  • Sokkia 33OR Total Station
  • Sokkia Radian IS RTK/GPS
  • Sokkia SDL 30 Digital Level
  • TDS SurveyPro & Carlson SURV CE Data Collector
  • Carlson Survey Software
  • LEKA Disto Laser

How to Order this type of survey

Use our convenient online order form to order this type of survey by clicking HERE! Or call 1-813-621-4929