GIS Team Leader

GIS Team Leader Tim McClintic

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GIS Team Leader at SurvTech Solutions

Position : GIS Chief Technician

Certified Survey Technician

School : Michigan State University

Degree : Bachelor of Science, Mathematics

Certifications : Red Cross First Aid

NSPS/ACSM Certified Survey Technician


Tim’s interest in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) started while attending Michigan State University. Tim was completing his work on a Mathematics degree when he began taking courses within the spatial information technology program. This program gave Tim a wide range of experience, including course work with GIS and remote sensing.

This interest and work is what led Tim to SurvTech Solutions. Tim joined the SurvTech Team and began his work as an instrument operator with the belief that both he and the company had great potential and opportunity for growth. Within a few months of joining SurvTech, Tim had taken it upon himself to learn CAD. This initiative soon allowed Tim to become a draftsman working on a wide range of surveys.

Tim’s work and schooling came full circle when he was given the chance to head and develop the GIS department. Tim eagerly accepted this opportunity and challenge with open arms. Tim’s first goal was to develop a method to organize SurvTech’s own data so that it more readily available for future use. The second goal is go expand this system to clientele. To not only be able to plot boundaries, but be able to take and organize a client’s data so that they will be able to search, find and use the desired data in moments. GIS has endless possibilities and Tim looks forward to meeting all the challenges.

Previous Projects

Cherry Farms Topographic, Sydney Mine Boundary Survey, Kings Ranch Boundary Survey, Canadian Court As-built survey, Jernigan Boundary survey, Pilot Boundary/ALTA survey, Volume calculations, Riviera Yacht Club Submerged Land Survey, Eagle Trace Golf Course Boundary Survey, Plant City Urban Forrest Topographic Survey, Plant City Red’s Property Topographic survey, Sarasota Golf Course Boundary Survey, Hogan Island ALTA Survey.

In His Own Words….

Tim sees himself as a problem solver. When faced with a problem, Tim likes to take a step back and look for the best option to solve the problem rather than rushing in on his first whim. Tim believes that this method of thinking allows him to minimize mistakes by thinking through the problems and foreseeing any issues. This routine goes hand in hand with the way Tim views his work. Tim believes that all the work he does, whether it has his name on it or not, is a reflection of him, the company and his work habits. Tim works hard and takes pride in the work he does and wants that to be portrayed in the products of his work.