Mine Surveying

Mine surveying provides many different accurate and timely engineering surveys for control of drilling, stripping, and mining operations. The data gathered from the surveys is used to give the client a complete overview of the mine operations.

This type of service is essentially used for mine planning, environmental issues, volume calculations, and boundary issues.

SurvTech Solutions is OSHA/MSHA 40 Hour Hazwoper Certified, CSX Certified, Browz Certified

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Actions performed by SurvTech Solutions

  • Performing a boundary survey
  • Performing a topographic survey
  • Conducting wetland delineation
  • Gathering vertical & horizontal control
  • Performing a geodetic survey
  • Performing a volumetric survey
  • Performing a deformation survey

What the service entails

  • Using planning to establish & update models of mining areas
  • Supplying accurate volumetric surveys
  • Updating & maintaining plans covering location of existing mine site services
  • Assisting in the provision of surveys to ensure compliance with statutory requirements and regulations

Equipment Used

  • Sokkia 33OR Total Station
  • Sokkia Radian IS RTK/GPS
  • Sokkia SDL 30 Digital Level
  • TDS SurveyPro & Carlson SURV CE Data Collector
  • Carlson Survey Software

How to Order this type of survey

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