Project Management

Project Management is the discipline of defining and achieving targets while optimizing the use of resources over the course of a project.

This type of service is needed when multiple professionals are working on a project where there is a need for one person or firm to control and monitor said project. Successful projects are not created, they are continuously recreated.

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Actions performed by SurvTech Solutions

  • Assembling the Team
  • Defining Internal & External Client Requirements
  • Defining the Scope & Desired Outcome
  • Communicating Progress & Accomplishments
  • Flow Chart Project
  • Project Monitoring (Track Progress)
  • Determine Additional Resource Needs Efficiently
  • Creating Action Plan to Meet Goals
  • Celebrate Team Accomplishments
  • Learning from & Adapting to Situations

What the service entails

  • Management of Resources
  • Management of Time
  • Management of Money
  • Management of Scope

Equipment Used

  • Resource Allocation
  • Microsoft Project Software
  • Good “Old Fashioned” White Board

How to Order this type of survey

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