Geophysical Mapping

SurvTech Solutions has experienced personal with proven results providing ground penetrating radar (GPR), electrical resistivity imaging (ERI), and electromagnetic (EM) conductivity surveying for a variety of project needs in support of geologic, geotechnical, and environmental investigations. SurvTech Solutions services clients in the engineering, mining, land development, energy and public sectors.

Geophysics can be used to locate subsurface utilities, including, water mains, wastewater, gas, power & electric, fiber optic cables (FOC), cable television (CATV), telecommunications and fiber optic lines.

GPR can also be used to located rebar, post-tension cables, and conduits in concrete foundations, footers and walls.


Geophysical services support and enhance geologic and geotechnical investigations by facilitating the location and identification of subsurface karst features (potential sink holes) or other related ground stability issues.  SurvTech can also map the lateral extent and continuity of shallow soils and help to delineate the margin of deleterious soils, such as shallow expansive clays, or highly organic soils.  In some cases, geophysics can actually identify shallow areas of bedrock that may result in site modification that affect various excavations, foundations, drainage ponds, etc.  In rare instances mapping of shallow caves can be possible.  Geophysics and test borings are complementary methods.  Utilizing geophysics can help geotechnical companies actually position borings in more appropriate locations or reduce the number of borings.

Equipment Used

  • GSSI Utility Scan DF (Dual Frequency – 300 & 800 MHz)
  • GSSI SIR 4000 GPR Cart (300 & 400 MHz units)
  • Radio Detection (RD) 4000 & 8000 Locators
  • Metrotech Vivax Locator VLocML2 Locators
  • Geonics EM61-MK2
  • Super Sting R8/IP ERI System

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