Subsurface Utility Mapping

Subsurface utility mapping is the science of mapping subsurface utilities utilizing non-invasive geophysical technology and vacuum excavation (soft dig) equipment. SurvTech Solutions utilizes a combination of GPR (ground penetrating radar) and Electromagnetic (EM) technology, also known as radio detection to horizontally locate subsurface utilities. Our subsurface utility locating personnel are equipped with the following equipment:

  • GSSI Utility Scan DF (Dual Frequency – 300 & 800 MHz)Capture
  • GSSI SIR 4000 GPR Cart (300 & 400 MHz)
  • Radio Detection (RD) 4000 & 8000 Locators
  • Metrotech Vivax Locator VLocML2 Locators


SurvTech also has the ability to utilize Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI) to locate objects much deeper underground. Subsurface Utility Mapping

SurvTech owns and operates the following ERI equipment:

  • Super Sting R8/IP ERI System

SurvTech is mapping above ground and below ground in 3D setting the stage for “Augmented Reality”.

SurvTech offers our clients the complete turnkey solution for subsurface utility locating with geophysics and vacuum excavation (soft dig) technology.


Vacuum-Excavation-1EM Mapmosaic subsurface mapping project