(Unmanned Aerial Services)

with LiDAR

Digital Surface Model (DSM)

Using our Hypack NEXUS LiDAR UAV system or Pix4D photogrammetry software, SurvTech Solutions can create a highly accurate elevation models to capture natural and built features. DSM’s are useful in: telecommunications, urban planning and aviation planning scenarios.

Bare-earth Digital Elevation Models (DEM)

SurvTech Solutions software suit allows us to edit out vegetation and man-made features to create a smooth elevation model which can be useful in: hydrologic modeling, soil mapping, in addition to general Topographic and Planimetric mapping.

Asset Inspection

SurvTech Solutions also offers unmanned services for the purposes of asset inspection.  We have worked closely with Flatwoods Consulting Group, and ecological consulting firm, to inspect communications towers and tall structures for Osprey activity.

Digital Orthophotography and Mosaics

Digital Orthophotography and Mosaics

Continuous pictures of terrain constructed by assembling a series of individual and overlapping images. Such that the perspective aspect of the picture has been removed.

The Ortho-Mosaic can then be used as a planimetric map and imported into CADD or other Geographic Information System environments.

SurvTech Solutions has been successful in realizing RMSE accuracies of fewer than one-hundredth of a foot.

Volume Calculations

SurvTech Solutions has effectively implemented our UAS program to include volumetric data collection reducing field time and overall cost.

Planimetric Mapping