The Benefits of a Career in Land Surveying

Being a surveyor, you get to experience the world in unique and exciting ways, below are just some of them!

Working in the outdoors – Surveying affords us the opportunity to work outside and experience the beauty of the natural world. Depending on where you survey, you will be sure to see many natural wonders that you ordinarily would not get to check out.

Accomplishing goals – In surveying you are given a job to do and are able to do that job. You typically have a strict timeline and schedule to complete the job. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment to finish the job and attain your goals.

Assisting in the improvement of society – Surveyors get there first! Whenever there is a new building, development, property sale, or any other type of transaction, land surveyors are the first there to establish the properties location and where new construction will go. As we move forward surveying is at the cutting edge of improving our cities and buildings.

Experiencing new technology – As a land surveyor you’ll be working with the technology of tomorrow today! Many surveying instruments have crossed over into other sectors of industry because of how valuable and useful they are. You’ll be ahead of the pack, working with the most modern equipment of any profession in the world, both in the field and in the office.

Laying a foundation for future generations in our industry – One of the most amazing things about the surveying profession is the history involved in it. From the moment you start you’ll be utilizing the knowledge of those who came before you. What’s more is that you’ll be adding your own expertise and skill to that vast information archive. From Lewis & Clark to Mason-Dixon all the way down the men and women currently in the field, you’ll be proud to know that your name and work will be looked at and utilized for generations to come.

Following in the footsteps of great men – So many of our local, state, and national leaders, including U.S. Presidents have been land surveyors. Surveyors take pride in knowing that they belong to such a rare breed of people and are in company with the truly elite of society.

Helping others realize their dreams – The men and women of the land surveying industry are the intermediaries between the imagined and the physically realized. When an architect, land developer, or engineer has an idea and have that idea planned out, it’s up to the dedicated professionals of the land surveying industry.

Becoming a Leader and Improving Yourself – Because surveying is such an important profession with a great and storied history, you can’t help but become a better person.

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