Land Surveying

Land surveying has traditionally been the measurement of the features of land and cadastral boundaries, by measuring angles and distances to compute 2-Dimensional (2D) or 3-Dimensional (3D) relationships between these features and/or boundaries. Today land surveying has morphed into an entire array of services, utilizing the latest in technology, including GPS, 3D laser scanning, and aerial mapping with planes and even drones.

Aerial Targets and LiDAR Check Points
ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
As-built Surveys
Boundary Surveys
Coastal Conservation Boundary
Condo Conversion
Construction Layout
Contaminated Site Surveys
Design Surveys
Elevation Certificates
Expert Witness
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
• Industrial Construction Layout
Letters of Map Amendment or Revision (LOMA or LOMR)
Mean High Water Surveys (Sovereign Lands)
Monitoring Well and Soil Boring Surveys
Mine Surveying
Oil & Gas Exploration Plat
Project Management
Proximity/Tax Credit Surveys
Right-of-way Surveys
Route Surveys
Seasonal High and Low Water Level Surveys
Sketch & Description Creation
Specific Purpose Surveys
Staff Gauges
Subdivision Platting
Submerged Lands Surveys
Topographic Surveys
Tree Surveys
Volumetric Surveys
Wetland Surveys
Wet Zone Surveys