Visualization, Rendering, Animation & Accident Reenactment

Surveyors have always been the professional that relates the “real” world to the “virtual” world, but for generations it was through two dimensional (2D) paper maps. Over the last 30 years that process has changed. Paper maps are still a piece of the surveyor’s deliverable, but now many times the deliverable is digital files. These digital files can range from an Adobe PDF file of a 2D map to a fully rendered sites with animation representing historical factual events or processes or theoretic design process or fictional events. Numerous movies have utilized 3D scanning to create realist backdrops for the computer animated actors and creatures.

Below are videos of an fictional accident recreation between our vacuum truck and a BMW.  The reason we used our vacuum truck, is because it was custom made.  It is one of a kind.  The process included 3D laser scanning our vacuum truck, then creating a 3D model and creating animation.  If this was a real accident we would scan the accident scene, create the surroundings, scan the wrecked vehicles(s) and scan non damaged vehicles and recreate the accident scene.  The end result is for individuals that were not at the accident scene to actually watch the accident take place from any perspective.


3D Point Cloud and 3D Model of Vacuum Truck



Accident Reenactment Videos – Different Perspectives